About Maia

Teaching Philosophy
  • I am passionate about the respectful sharing of the ancient traditions of yoga and modern movement science in a way that welcomes everyone, just as you are.
  • I devote my teaching to people of all ages, backgrounds, identities and abilities.
  • MaiaMay all beings be happy and free! Om Shanti, Om Peace!
Maia Laverty (she / her)

RYT-500, Certificate in Gerontology from the University of Washington, Certified Yoga for Healthy Aging Teacher, Certified Prenatal Yoga Teacher, E-RYT 200

I am Maia Laverty, 52 year-old parent of a 14 year-old and 18 year-old, and two beloved cats. I am a happy life-partner to my husband, Tim. Currently, I am enjoying forming a life with my family in the beautiful and diverse city of Amsterdam in the Netherlands. I love mindfulness and movement practices of all kinds. I delight in hanging out with my family and cats and listening to music ranging from classical to hip-hop and everything in-between. Riding my bike with as many items loaded on it as possible, and in every sort of weather, and exploring the rich array of local markets are particular joys these days. I value connection to nature via local parks and in participating in a local farm-share and I am inspired by the culture of freedom, social-consciousness and kindness that I have witnessed in my new home.

As a yoga and mindful movement teacher, I delight in bringing a heart-felt blending of mindfulness, loving kindness practices and an active study of evidence-based movement research to my classes, trainings and private sessions. I prioritize meeting each student where they are.

My classes include a mindful and accessible approach to stability and strength-building, and an exploration of our unique embodiment, so that students are encouraged to move within their own experiences and from a place of curiosity to support their own deep sense of wellness.

I’m a life-long learner and “anatomy geek” and I continue active and ongoing study with my biomechanics teacher, Jules Mitchell. Some of my current study interests include: digging into scientific research in the areas of mindfulness, movement science, the neurology of movement, modern pain science and healthy aging. These more scientific pursuits combine with my deep reverence for the practices of self-study and compassion that traditional yoga philosophy and mindfulness practice include. The result is almost always more to be curious about!

I found my first yoga class in her last year as an undergraduate in University. The class was nothing I expected; very gentle and slow. Immediately, the practice helped me to feel more at home; not only in my “skin”, but also in my mind and emotions. It was revolutionary! I’ve been practicing yoga since my mid 20’s, teaching since my early 30’s and now in my 50’s, I am ready to explore what vital aging looks like, thanks in large part to the tools gathered from the traditions and teachings of mindfulness, movement science and yoga.

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Favorite Quotes
  • “Yoga is like a hammer. Leave it sitting and it will do no good for you, but put it to use and you can build a sturdy house to protect you from the storms that life throws at all of us” — Nzazi Malonga
  • “The phrase ‘enlightened’ should just be dropped, how hard is that? Instead, how about an end to suffering?” — Rolf Gates
  • “Peace is not only a distant goal that we seek, but a means to arrive at that goal”
    — Martin Luther King Jr.

Be kind. Be strong. Be free.